What is UNMC Giving Day — For the Greater Good?
UNMC Giving Day — For the Greater Good is a virtual day of giving and engagement in support of University of Nebraska Medical Center students and their campus. From around the globe, UNMC alumni, friends and grateful patients will philanthropically unite to fuel the workforce and the future of health care.

When is UNMC Giving Day — For the Greater Good?
To honor the year of UNMC’s founding, this online, philanthropic event will last for 1,869 minutes (about 31 hours) beginning at 10 a.m. on March 30 and concluding at 5 p.m. on March 31.

May I participate even though I’m not a UNMC alumnus?
Yes, please! Parents, community members, friends and grateful patients are all encouraged to support UNMC during For the Greater Good. The gifts of many will be combined to advance the transformational UNMC experience for every student on campus and expand the university’s impact across the state, country and world.

Will my gift help UNMC students? How?
Your gift will most definitely help students — the how is up to you. You can choose to support scholarships, a specific college, a student organization or one of the other areas we’ve highlighted as choices for UNMC Giving Day. It’s your call. All donations will expand opportunities for UNMC students and create an even better student experience.

Is there a minimum gift amount?
Yes, the minimum gift amount is $5. We have credit card processing fees and administrative costs to cover, but we’ve kept it as low as we can so everyone may participate. Gifts of any amount make a difference and will be counted toward our For the Greater Good total.

What if I’ve already made a gift to UNMC this year?
Thank you for your loyal support! If you’re able to make another contribution, you'll put us one step closer to our UNMC Giving Day goal of 1,000 gifts.

How does one qualify to receive the exclusive UNMC Giving Day blanket?
You’ll receive a complimentary UNMC-branded blanket when you make one gift or multiple gifts totaling $65 or more during UNMC Giving Day — For the Greater Good. Donate in one of these three ways: Make a gift on this website, return a UNMC Giving Day contribution card via mail OR select the giving link in an email you received from UNMC Giving day Headquarters. Gifts must be received in time to be processed by 5 p.m. on March 31 (if you're sending a check, please mail it by March 15), and your blanket will be mailed three to five weeks after the event.

The fund I’d like to support isn’t listed as an option. Will my gift count toward UNMC Giving Day?
Yes. If you’d like to make a giving day gift to a fund that is not listed on the UNMC Giving Day website, there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Mail your gift. We must receive your gift, specifically designated for UNMC Giving Day, in time for it to be processed by March 31, so please mail it by March 15 to ensure it counts toward the giving day’s totals. Don’t forget to include the fund name! Please mail to:
    • University of Nebraska Foundation
    • 1010 Lincoln Mall, Ste 300
    • Lincoln, NE 68508
  • Make your gift at nufoundation.org and leave a note in the “Additional Comments” area indicating that it is a UNMC Giving Day gift. Your online gift must be made before 5 p.m. on March 31 to count toward the giving day’s totals.

What are UNMC Giving Day challenges?
We think a little competition makes things more fun, and our challenges provide inspiration for philanthropy. Generous sponsors provide challenge gifts that encourage others to give — you might have your gift matched or even earn bonus money for your area of interest. Keep an eye on the Leaderboards page for a complete list of challenges, the rules and the winners. And follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for challenge announcements.

I’m interested in making a challenge gift. Where can I learn more?
We’re glad you asked! We have more information available on our Sponsorship Opportunities page, or you may contact Janelle Domeyer at janelle.domeyer@nufoundation.org or 402-504-3328.

Can I make a gift by mail?    
Of course. We encourage you to support the University of Nebraska Medical Center by mail at any time, but we must receive your gift, specifically designated for UNMC Giving Day, by March 31 for it to count toward the day’s totals. Don’t forget to note which fund it’s for! Please mail your gift to:

  • University of Nebraska Foundation
  • 1010 Lincoln Mall, Ste 300
  • Lincoln, NE 68508

What is GiveGab?
GiveGab is an online giving platform that helps nonprofits raise money and engage donors, allowing the organizations to function in a more streamlined manner. The University of Nebraska Foundation has chosen GiveGab to facilitate UNMC Giving Day — For the Greater Good.

Is it safe to make a gift online?
Yes, absolutely; online gifts made through GiveGab are safe and secure. GiveGab will not receive your credit card information, and it will never be shared or sold to a third party.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes, all gifts to the University of Nebraska made through GiveGab and the University of Nebraska Foundation are tax deductible. Learn more here: https://nufoundation.org/legal

I’ve already made my For the Greater Good gift. Is there more I can do to help?
Thank you for your support! Please help us share the word about For the Greater Good by sharing the images and messages in our toolkit (link to toolkit) on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Who do I contact if I have a question?
We’re here to help! You may email your question to info@nufoundation.org or call Janelle Domeyer at 402-504-3328.